GMB automatic Ltd, a production, trade and service company, was founded in 1961 in Nova Pazova, as a workshop for plastic fast moving consumer goods production.

In 1965 we expanded our range of products as the new production technology for hydraulic pipes, connections and valves was introduced. With the expansion of our capacities in 1982, we started the production of VVD2, VVD6, VVD10 and VVD20 boxes for application in telecommunications. Just a year later, in 1983, we once again expanded our range of products by manufacturing SSC (Self Supporting Cable) equipment and in 1985 we began to produce protection base modules for major splitter boxes.

The production of the cable heads for external mounting 10x2 and 20x2 started in 1988 and was followed by the production of cable heads for internal mounting in 1990. With the expansion of production plant and application of extruders, we began the production of PE pipes Ø50, Ø40 and Ø32 in 1993. Keeping pace with new telecommunications technologies, the production of new termination boxes for TK 59 cables, cabinets A100, A30 and A2 started in 1988.
In order to meet the demand in the field of telecommunication and CDS we developed and started the production of freestanding polyester cabinets in 2005.

By professional training of our staff and following the new technologies in the field of optical cables and their equipment in 2006 we began the production of termination boxes for optical cables and installation of the world's leading manufacturers' passive equipment.


Following new technologies and development strategies are crucial elements in our organizational structure, as part of our short-term, mid-term and particularly long-term policy of development and planning of our products' application in telecommunication and CDS network construction.

Besides the development strategy, we aim for further gains in market share, both locally and internationally, as we are not afraid to be the leader and, at the same time, different from the others.

Therefore there are also four fundamental questions regarding our company:

Answer to all these questions can be found in hundreds of thousands of installed equipment units included in the wide range of our products. The quality and standard complying of our products have been certified by TEST CERTIFICATES and approvals of the Republic Telecommunication Agency.


Our production of telecommunications equipment and devices is done in production halls in Vranić, approximately 40 km away from Belgrade.

We are equipped with the latest generation of machines used in production of the equipment from this field and we also use the top quality imported masses, such as:

  • ABS

All the materials are resistant to low-sneak currents and all our products have been tested and earned Test certificates from the Yugoslav PTT (Postal Telephone & Telegraph) company.

As a result of such approach in the production process and continuous research in new telecommunications technologies, we have developed a new product: Cable head-enclosure for external mounting with connector joint which fully meets the conditions and regulations for construction of TT network with solid plastic cables. This head incorporates the disconnection modules type KRONE or DE-MASARI (VS 92), earthing rails and protection elements.

Using our new product the presence of flame during installation process has fully been eliminated.

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