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Telecommunication equipment

Cable heads for external mounting containing modules with connection elements

Cable heads-boxes for external mounting have been structurally conceived in such way to provide easy and simple protection using gas arresters.

Kablovski orman za spoljnu i unutrašnju montažu sa regletama KRONE i R+M (vs-92) 30 x 2

Cable head BOX 10-30x2 A30

Manufactured according to ZJPTT (Yugoslav Postal, Telegraph and Telephone Union) technical demands, from technical material ABS in RAL7032 color, UV stable and self-extinguishing VO according to UL-94 standard. Cable head capacity is 10-30x2 modules with connection elements, mounted on a wall, on a wooden or concrete pillar.

  • Dimension: 200x130x75 mm
  • IP ratings: IP54
  • Test certificate No.: 1-06-3454-246-3708

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